Welcome to color tagging

What is PrizmaTag?

PrizmaTag (patent pending) are new generation multicolor tags to identify objects in photos.
After years of experience and millions of barcodes being used we are proud to present PrizmaTag (pTags).
pTags are optimized to be read from a distance in varying angles and even at low light conditions.
pTags are great for work, industrial, fun sport and personal purposes.
Make sure your pTags are in the frame. They will tell you what else is in there.

Better data density

Product branding, athlete bib numbers, business cards - PrizmaTags have much smaller footprint. Space is always limited and we are able to embed much more data. PrizmaTag needs less space - leaving more for you.

Optimized for real life photos

Older barcode scanners do not “see” and recognize colors. Today, everyone has a camera which makes great photos in millions of colors in their pocket. pTags leverages them to enhance speed and accuracy of detection.

Built-in error correction

Real life photography is challenging. Light conditions vary, moving objects are harder to focus and not every shot is perfect. This is why we have developed the best error correction algorithms and included in each pTag to better detect in extreme conditions.

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